Day 3

Mountains mountains mountains... Today we are going to test the capacities of our EVs on the Swissalps. To be well prepared we convinced the support team to give us some faster charching equipped. Thanks to them it was possible to start with a good 300 kilometers in the battery.

After some nice curves we arrived on the top of the Julier pass. From here it goes on as a convoy down the Julier.we hope to have our battery back to full power when we arrive in Thusis


After a lot of requperation we arrive in Tusis. The whole town of Tusis is blocked so that the wave can pack in the center of town. Because of all the requperation our Tesla got very optimistic and showed over 500 km of range of our arrival. Because of technical difficulty there is no plug available in Tusis but wit over 80% Battery it is not needed.

From the tourism organization in Tusis we got invited to watch the viamala. After a great meal from the Swiss army we are on our way to the st.bernardino. 

We did it !!! After some amazing sceneries we found ourself on the top of the St. Bernardino. On the way up we could show that the Roadster can Still shine against it's big sibling on the curves of the Swissalps.

After some very aggressively requperation we arrived in the Tesin where we will spend the night