15. Juni 2017
After a short ride on the highway we arrived in the beautiful village of Gruyère.
14. Juni 2017
After an early start we drove down from the mountains. The school kids in Sierra where amazed by the electric cars
13. Juni 2017
The Gotthard is waiting for us. We have changed our cars all the way to get over the huge mountains ahead of us.
12. Juni 2017
Mountains mountains mountains... Today we are going to test the capacities of our EVs on the Swissalps. To be well prepared we convinced the support team to give us some faster charching equipped. Thanks to them it was possible to start with a good 300 kilometers in the battery.
11. Juni 2017
Our new copilot has arrived and brings a lot of fresh energy to the wave.
11. Juni 2017
It was amazing to see how every village welcomed the wave and electro mobility in to there community.
09. Juni 2017
Welcome to the Suncar blog for the ewave 2017.
09. Juni 2017
The bags are packed and the car is charged. We are looking forward to a great experience and hope for good weather. ☀️